How it works

Our process is simple

Do you want to know more? Following initial contact, we will work with you to learn about the profile of your business, the apps you have, and how you interact with your customers.

A meeting will then be scheduled to discuss all the important details and the process of moving forward to the next stage.


The time to get to know your business in detail.
We will start by checking your previous customer support work to become familiar with your customer’s requests and your style of reply.
We will prepare a workload report to estimate the average amount of messages you're receiving.
We will continue by preparing documentation for training purposes and setting up the essential integrations or processes required to make the most of our service.


We will assign support agents to you and start specific training focused on:

  • General customer service.
  • Shopify and Shopify App Development.
  • Your apps and processes.

Once the agents are fully prepared, we will go live, and for a 2-week transition period, we will monitor all replies and give extra support to comply with the service level expected.

Ongoing work

Once our team is handling your customer support, the improvement process is not finished.
We will continuously improve our service and management.
Some tasks include providing feedback to the customer support agents, creating internal and external documentation, receiving feedback from your customers, and improving processes. In addition, there will be the on-going training and motivation of the team, and the management of their working schedules to better suit your needs.


So, what's included?

  • 24/7/365 support.
  • First-line email support in the English language.
  • Training, quality assurance and team management.
  • If you don’t have it already, setting up a documentation system and preparing documentation for your apps.
  • Setting up a Help Desk system, if you’re not already using one.
  • We can help accomplish integration of Help Desk software with your admin back-end.
  • A detailed monthly report of the customer service provided, including the number of tickets replied to, and the average handling time.

How long does it takes to get everything ready?

The Inception and onboarding phases may take from a few weeks to several months, depending on your specific needs, your company processes, and the complexity of your apps. We are committed to our values of integrity, excellence and being customer centric, and will take all the time necessary to accomplish the results you need.

What happens if I have several apps?

Depending on the complexity of your apps, we can start gradually, by first giving support to some apps, and over time integrating support for the rest.
The important thing is to ensure a top-notch customer service, so we will invest the necessary time to learn, to prepare documentation and to train, for all your apps.

How is the training process?

Every support agent is trained to focus on four aspects:

  • General customer support: Best practices, etiquette and tips to provide the best customer experience.
  • Shopify training: Focused on learning how Shopify works with theoretical and practical exercises using a Shopify development store
  • Company training: Focused on your company mission, vision, values, policies and procedures.
  • Product-specific training: Focused on your apps, their functionality and previous support examples.

How are the support heroes assigned?

We assign a number of support agents to your support team after reviewing the expected workload. You will have Support Heroes located in different parts of the world to ensure 24/7 coverage.

What is our previous experience?

Over two years, we built a tiered and effective customer support team for Code Black Belt, one of the top Shopify App companies, capable of answering more than 90% of the support tickets received. In addition, we curated large amounts of documentation for both merchants and support agents.

The work that we did for Code Black Belt ultimately was the main motivation to create The Support Heroes. We have witnessed first-hand the positive effects that a well-established and efficient support team can bring to app developers. Beyond simply answering customers’ questions, our team has allowed Code Black Belt to win the recognition of tens of thousands of merchants for their excellent customer service and prompt responses, as evidenced in their ratings and reviews in the Shopify App Store.

Our support team has contributed to the growth of this company and the happiness of their customers. We would love to do the same for you!